What’s Up with Special Diets?

When I was making dinner the other evening for a family gathering, I got to thinking how many different diets I had to take into consideration.  There were vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, fat free, peanut and onion allergies.  Wow!  When did all this happen?  I couldn’t remember my Mom having to accommodate so many different diets at our large family gatherings.

This brings to mind thoughts of how important it is to relay your dietary needs to your host if you are attending any event where there is food involved.  When an event is catered, such as a wedding, don’t be afraid to let your dietary restrictions be known.  The host can then contact the caterer to let them know what type or types of special diets may be required.

In our kitchen at Special Moments we take all dietary requests seriously. IMG_2088 If we are not sure what an exact diet entails our Chefs and Kitchen Manager will research just what is needed to assure that proper safe handling techniques and ingredients are used. We will also discuss in depth with the client or better yet, directly to the guest themselves, the menu that we are planning to prepare.   If you have a life threatening food allergy you need to let your host know of this so they can inquire as to the ingredients of the menu items.  We have had some guests bring their own food, so as not to cause concern for their hosts.

When you are at an event and have not expressed your dietary needs to your host, don’t be bashful.  It is totally appropriate for you to ask the service staff if they know if a certain ingredient is in a menu item.  Our Staff is trained to contact the Chef if a question arises that they can’t answer.

Finally, as a host and you are working with a caterer or restaurant you may have to pay more for dietary requests, but it is certainly worth it for yours and your guest’s piece of mind.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, my dinner was a success.  Special diets and all!

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