Maid of Honor Duties

I have always been on the food production and planning side of a wedding, so when my sister asked me to be her maid of honor, I was in for a surprise.

There is so much to planning a wedding and being in a wedding that is shocking, especially for my younger generation.

The biggest thing that I was struggling with was the time management aspect of everything. When my sister decided that she wanted a spring wedding, I wasn’t expecting it to be in less than a year.IMG_2029

But, between my highly-organized mom and my weirdly-organized self, we managed to help my sister who is the complete opposite of organized get it together.

During the month of February, I threw my sister a bachelorette party as well as a bridal shower. It was crazy planning two parties for her in the same month. Note to self: Never do that again.

The bridal shower was the party that took a lot more preparation. We have a big family, so it was hard to find a place and time that worked for everyone in the wedding and the mother of the bride and the groom.

After picking a date, I sIMG_2009 tarted planning the games and activities that we would do as well as the food.

My family and I made all of the food for the party. (I couldn’t have done it without their help!) But, one of the things that made planning this party so much easier was setting up a menu in advance.

Some of the things I learned from planning an event of this magnitude can carry over to other events as well.

My biggest piece of advice IMG_2007when planning a wedding or any other related event is to ask for help, plan ahead of time and to have fun.

You can assign different bridesmaids a job to help out for different aspects. For example, I had one bridesmaid in charge of party favors and another was in charge of games, which included the prizes as well.

Another thing that helped out was to plan far enough ahead of time that I could just do a little bit each week in order to get the job done.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun during the event.

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