Catering Style

Appetizer Buffet or Grazing Stations

A variety of finger foods or appetizers are beautifully displayed buffet-style on a table to delight your guests, and usually guests help themselves. This can be used alone for your event or as a little warm-up act to what is to follow for your guests’ enjoyment. We’ll produce a unique and creative appetizer buffet or grazing station to match your theme, colors, or whatever you have in mind. By being artfully presented, the fresh and flavorful culinary delights will taste even better! Charcuterie, Bruschetta Bars and Hummus Bars are great examples of grazing stations with a theme and nice variety! This is great for a mingling event or cocktail hour!

Passed Bites or Butler Passed
Hors D’ Oeuvres Service

Your event may start with Passed Bites. It is important that all of your wonderful food choices get to each and every guest. Passed Bites are an important part of ensuring that happens. Special Moments Catering’s savory bites make a wonderful first impression, by providing just the right mix sure to please every palate. We believe if the food is beautifully presented, it will elevate the guest experience. Also, by offering passed bites, a guest does not need to stand in the bar line and a food line, which makes very happy guests!

Buffet Services

Special Moments Catering offers various options through our own brand of Culinary Amusement. What is Culinary Amusement? It’s the use of creative culinary presentations designed specifically to enhance the ultimate guest experience! We’ll produce a unique and creative buffet to match your theme, colors, or whatever you have in mind. By being artfully presented, the fresh and flavorful culinary delights will taste even better! Perhaps the Passed Bites are passed on a spoon, teardrop vessel, in a mini martini glass or some other fun or elegant vessel! Our attentive servers are there too to assist in the serving to move amongst the guests for this casual and relaxed style of serving.

Straight to the Plate LLC

Action & Performance Stations

We love Action Stations and your guests will too! This is a very popular, fun and entertaining way for our chefs to prepare foods in front of the guests! Guests will see our chefs warming tortillas on the grill in front of them, adding their choice of protein and then the guests go to the topping bar and select their favorite toppings to make their ultimate street tacos!! Sounds like fun doesn’t it!! Maybe add a Build-Your-Own Pasta Station, Sliders, Fondue, Late Night Donuts, Crepes, Biscuits and Gravy—and it doesn’t stop at food—Bloody Mary Stations, Mimosa Stations, Sangria Stations  are a huge hit. The possibilities of stations are almost endless!

Plated Dinner Experience

This is our most upscale and formal type of service. Guests are seated and enjoy a plated salad followed by beautifully presented culinary delights on a plate. Our Plated Experience is well synchronized and is a well-oiled machine so to speak! It is imperative that there is a seating chart given to us prior to the wedding or event, so we know who receives which entree (if there is more than one choice) and where the special dietary guests are seated. It is also necessary for the event timeline to be followed very closely because we want to ensure the quality of the plated experience for your guests. Our Plated Experience includes extra servers and team members to ensure plates are artfully presented while the food is fresh and timely.

Family-style Service

Our family-style service is casual and fun! Think of a large family get together! Once guests are seated, large serving platters and bowls are full of food delivered to each table with serving utensils. The guests pass the food and serve themselves. This service is slightly more expensive because extra portions are made since guests serve themselves and extra servers are needed.

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