Being an Admin for a day…or Two!

When you’re a part of a family business sometimes you have to do some odd jobs. Most of the time I’ll end up helping my mom in the kitchen, but the past two days I got a new job: Admin.

My uncle is in Hawaii celebrating his 10-year wedding anniversary, so his assistant, Mimi,phone is taking over parts of his job. And that’s when the granddaughter got called in to answer phones and help take orders.

I don’t work at Special Moments all that often, so when I was asked to admin by my Grandma you would know that you have to say yes. My Grandma is the person that no one can say no to.

So, Tuesday was my first day. It was interesting, but was pretty low key. I forgot my reading glasses so it was definitely hard to get things done. The phones didn’t ring all that much. And the first phone call I got was from my Grandpa.

I answered emails and phone calls, kind of. Most of my phone calls consisted of, “I’m not sure let me give you a call back.” It took a lot longer than a normal phone call to get back to someone, but, I at least answered the questions.

Today was better, I at least figured out how to use the phone system.

I didn’t realize all that went into being an assistant or an admin. Besides answering the phones, the admin is the know all of everything that is going on in the company and can relay that to both customers and fellow employees.

I did learn a lot from two days of being an assistant to the assistant, but my main takeaway is appreciate your admin!

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