The People Behind the Scenes

As you walk into the Special Moments kitchen you see the high-rise ceilings and the plate of desserts that catch your eye.IMG_0104

You could be a loyal customer, but seldom do you ever get to see the people that are behind the hours of prep-work, cooking and cleaning that it takes to get your meal from the kitchen to your event.

For this week’s blog, I went into the kitchen and learned more about what it takes to plan for multiple events and the people behind the scenes.IMG_0109

I came around noon, when they would be working on prep work. I did not want to be in the way of when food was heading out to customers.

As I walked around I could see mounds of prep work piling together. There were desserts, there was salsa, there was chicken, empanadas and cheese. I wish I ate before I came here.

The aromas of the food poked my shoulder and begged for my attention.IMG_0102

I had the opportunity to speak with April Davis, one of the chefs that have worked at Special Moments for eight years.

Davis said that her favorite food to make is Italian food.

“There are so much fresh herbs and fresh vegetables that go into making different sauces. It’s fun to make it and eat it,” she said.

Davis, who is one of many people who are behind the organization of running the kitchen over the years discussed the immense amount of work that goes into cooking for multiple events that includes hundreds of different people each.

“It’s important to be organized and knowing how much food to prep, how many pans and oven space you will need. It’s all about rotation and timing and making everything sent out as fresh as possIMG_0103ible. Having a good staff that knows what they’re doing and having a good food knowledge- knowing how long certain foods can hold is also important,” she said.

Davis stressed that one of the most important elements of cooking is the presentation of food.

“People eat with their eyes first,” she said.

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