Pumpkin spice, sweaters & colorful leaves… is it finally Fall!?

Well, maybe not yet, but we can see subtle signs popping up in the greater Phoenix area.  There has been a hint of cooler mornings, fall decorations has made its way into the stores and in our homes, as well as the return of that special pumpkin beverage we have grown to love.

 Well, whether or not it’s fall in Phoenix, it’s Fall at Special Moments Catering!  There have been some tantalizing aromas coming from our kitchen as our Chefs test their new dishes for the upcoming Fall season.  Right now, I am going to leave these to your imagination as the recipes are still being perfected, but the next time you walk in our building you won’t be disappointed.  Follow along…I plan to reveal these items in my next post.  I guarantee it’ll be quite a treat!

As our Chefs do what they do best, I am in my perfect element because Fall is my FAVORITE time to decorate. With the help of our décor design team we have been creating Fall centerpieces, elegant table arrangements and are having a blast creating display units that will make any table look simply beautiful.  Remember, eating is a feast for the eyes as well as the palette.  We believe your table décor should set the mood for the recipes and ingredients that are Fall’s bounty!

Watch our website for your chance to try out seasonal items that are available only this time of year and while our small supply lasts!

I look forward to giving you an insiders look on what fall means to us in the Catering business.  It’s such a beautiful time to gather, bundle up, and enjoy those comfort ingredients we all have come to love.   Best wishes, Michelle Taylor 

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