Catering is Not Just Food

Okay, so you are trying to plan a party or special event and you want to make it truly special.  You want to be able to mingle with your guests and not spend time preparing the food, cleaning up plates-you know what happens!

Your first thought is to call a restaurant and have the food dropped off, but is that what you really need?  Over the years I have talked to many people who have had a restaurant drop off the food and they still felt like they were doing all the work.  To create that special moment for you and your guests here’s why a catering service may be your answer:

  • A full service caterer will take the time to speak to you about your event. They will want to know what type of party it is, how many people, what is the time frame are just a few questions that will be posed to you.Legacy Salad
  • Next-are you celebrating anything special? How would you like your food displayed?  Is there a theme, special colors, where will it be set up? Remember we first eat with our eyes!
  • Service staff you hire will make your event run smoothly. They will be taking care of your guests just as you would.

You will pay more for a full service caterer, but it is well worth the money spent to create the experience you are looking for.  Then you can sit back and be a guest at your own party.  Imagine that!

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