Signature Sandwiches


Choices include…(click photo to read more)

  •  Salami, turkey and cheddar cheese served on a deli roll with leaf lettuce and a spicy cream cheese spread.
  •  Ham and Swiss with roasted red peppers, lettuce and tomato on rye bread
  • Turkey with cranberry cream cheese, lettuce and tomato served on a croissant
  •  Roast beef and provolone with spinach and a horseradish cream served on a brioche bun ($1 upgrade)
  •  Turkey, Swiss cheese and cucumber served on a deli roll with chiptole mayo and lettuce
  •  Egg salad made with scallions and leaf lettuce on a croissant
  •  Chicken salad with green apples and dried cranberries with leaf lettuce on a croissant
  •  BLT on sourdough
  •  Cucumber and Garbanzo bean salad served on wheat bread
  •  Tuna salad with fresh dill with leaf lettuce on wheat bread
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