Breakfast Catering Menu

Bacon or Sausage


Bacon or Sausage links (2 pieces per person) 

Bagels and Cream Cheese


Bagels and cream cheese (priced per dozen)

Breakfast Breads


Breakfast Breads (priced per dozen)

Breakfast Potatoes


Seasoned breakfast potatoes (4 oz serving per person)

Egg Frittata


A mixture of eggs, cubed bread, cheddar cheese with your choice of spinach, bacon or sausage baked to golden brown. (Minimum of 12 people per order)

Gourmet Croissant Breakfast Sandwich


Buttery full sized croissants topped with egg, muenster cheese and two slices of bacon individually wrapped. Served with seasoned breakfast potatoes.

Greek Yogurt Parfait


Made with layers of Greek yogurt, seasonal fresh fruit and granola. (10 oz serving)

Hearty Breakfast


Scrambled eggs (2 per person), roasted potatoes, bacon or sausage (2 pieces) and breakfast breads.

Jumbo Southwest Breakfast Burrito


Average size burrito is 1 lb! The burrito is stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, green chiles, sausage, beans, & potatoes. Served with seasonal fresh fruit salad cup.

Mini Egg Tartlets


Egg, bacon, sausage and cheese baked into a mini muffin size bite. (Includes 48 pieces per order)



Breakfast Muffins (priced per dozen) 

Pancake Breakfast


Hearty pancakes (2 per person) served with butter & maple syrup, choice of bacon or sausage (2 pieces per person) and seasoned breakfast potatoes.

Scrambled Eggs


Eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese and served with hot sauce.

Spinach Basil Quiche


Whole Spinach Basil Quiche (serves 6 people). 

Traditional Continental Breakfast


Cinnamon rolls, muffins, and breakfast breads (1.5 pp), 8oz orange juice, Coffee (regular and decaf – 1.5 cups pp)