For the past two years I have been bartending at a restaurant. But, occasionally I will pick up some bartending shifts over at my family’s catering

I have worked events where there was a full bar and some where there is a limited bar with just beer and wine.

Both work out great, but it really depends on what kind of event you would like to have. Another important aspect to think of is how much alcohol you will actually need.

When your event is during the day, it is unlikely that you will need as much as you would at night. Also, the drinks tend to be a lot mimosa-selectionlighter with mimosas, champagne or a mixed punch are some of the popular ones.

However, nighttime events are a whole different ball game. People tend to drink more along with heavier alcohol content drinks such as beer, wine and liquor.

Ordering alcohol for a large group of people is difficult, but there are so many sites and Pinterest accounts that offer different cheat sheets so to say with about how much liquor that you will need for your event based on the number of people attending and what you will be serving.

I worked an event where we served a signature cocktail: a blood orange mojito (YUM!). But, it wasn’t for everyone. My biggest piece of advice is to have your drinks diverse enough that everyone can find something that they will enjoy.

If you plan on serving wine, include both a red and a white. And, if you’re serving spirits, make sure that you have a variety of mixers (soda, tonic, cranberry, etc.).

And, if you’re not sure what your party needs, ask. We’re more than happy to answer questions or give any recommendations.