The other day, I realized, somewhat with horror, that I had been in the food and beverage business for over 20 years.  The horror did not come from being in the business itself but from the fact that I was old enough to have had a career that could span 20 years! But after accepting this piece of reality, I can say that I have had a lot of experience in all kinds of events, weddings included.  This experience has made me the go-to gal on many occasions of weddings I have attended.  I have been summoned from guest tables to help cut a wedding cake because sadly the caterer did not include that service. I have been grabbed at the entrance of the reception hall to help with some catastrophe (linens stained, bride’s dress ripping, food not ready, groomsmen drinking).  Weddings don’t scare me.  In fact I love weddings.  I tear up at every one of them, even if I’ve never met the bride and groom. I have been a bridesmaid in three weddings, a maid of honor in one wedding and I’ve even been the bride.  All of these experiences should have prepared me for my newest wedding responsibility, mother of the bride.  But it didn’t, not quite at least… My oldest daughter, Jasmine, got married last month to her best friend Jesse.  We planned her wedding for months.  Here’s where I have to give credit to some extraordinary vendors who I had the privilege of working with as a personal client for the first time.  I’ll list their websites at the end because I highly recommend them.  Jasmine wanted an outdoor wedding and we instantly thought of Inside the Bungalow.  This is a quirky, hidden little gem of a venue.  It is reasonably priced and can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception.  It was an absolute perfect match for Jasmine and Jesse and Betty made the experience for all of us fun and easy. We got our venue booked, we got our caterer booked (I’m guessing that one was obvious) and we visited my friends, Ginia and Sandy at Yknot Party.  They helped create the centerpieces and flowers Jasmine visualized and tolerated all of our changes and indecisiveness.  Dan from NDK Professional DJ service was next in line to be secured and he too was kind and understanding and reminded me of exactly why we choose to recommend him to our clients.  Amy at Piece of Cakes Desserts must have answered ten emails I sent her about cupcakes.  Every detail was accounted for and I couldn’t have been more excited on the day of the wedding.  But up until this point, I was more like a wedding planner helping to create something special for a bride.  When I woke up that Saturday morning, I was instead, mother of the bride.  And nothing quite prepared me for the emotions of that! The day began with such beautiful weather I couldn’t help but sneak out for an early…Continue Reading